Timeless Classics VOL 1 Revamped, does have a heavy blues influence, but is not a blues CD. Jazz, Dance, Classical and Folksy styles, are well represented and make Time Classics VOL 1, something really “SPECIAL” to have in your collection regardless.

For more than 25 years HousTone Records has released several LP/CDs, from the fields of Rock, Jazz, Classical, Blues, Country, New Age, Reggae, Worldbeat and R & B.

Timeless Classics VOL 1 Revamped features some of the best selling songs of all time, from some of the best performers in the music market that many people have never heard of.

The real reason that some artist go on to become stars and others who have the same talent don’t, is “Luck”! You owe it to yourself to check out these artists that have not been as Lucky Yet!

One of the key elements in HousTone Records, selecting and distributing artist’s products, all artist agreed to record at least two well known cover songs on each CD, that HousTone Records releases. This allows the artist music to be judge by fans for the talent they have, and the music they know.

It was also the reason for releasing Timeless Classics VOL 1 Revamped. The compilation features not well known special artist like Madman Justice, Lonnie Gordon, Bluesdog, Kitty, Rascalin and other who are truly stars, with HousTone Records help can now get that extra exposure needed to help them become bigger stars.

Timeless Classics VOL 1 Revamped CD does have a heavy blues influence of all types, but is not a blues’ CD.

Jazz, Dance, Classical and Folksy styles are well represented and make Time Classics VOL 1 Revamped, something really “SPECIAL” to have in your collection.

Timeless Classics Volume 1 Revamp


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# Title Song Duration Artist
1 Ain’t No Sunshine 04:00 Madman Justice
2 Summertime 06:52 Kitty Hayward
3 Flyin’ High 03:32
4 Nutbush City Limit 03:28
5 Shotgun 04:42 Aubrey “Bluesdog” Dunham
6 Pretty Woman 03:45
7 Wipping Post 04:46 Madman Justice
8 Billy Jean 03:04
9 Stormy Monday 06:17
10 Forever Young 03:45 Diana Walker
11 Funny Valentine 04:14
12 Black Cat’s Bone 04:42
13 Mr. Charley 04:15 Kinny Abair
14 Goodnight 03:11
15 Down On Bending Knees 04:07
16 Stairway To Heaven 06:17 Gypsi Fari
17 Im’ a Woman 02:06 Lonnie Gordon
18 Hey Joe 04:25 Rascalin & Roots Rockers


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We also wanted to make sure that know matter who listen to Timeless Classics VOL 1, Revamped everyone will have something to enjoy.

Who knows you may hears another version of one of your favorite groups song that you really like. “Like I said who knows”! Songs, like Pretty Woman, Nutbush City, Wipping Post, Sumertime, Billy Jean, Ain’t No Sunshine, Forever Young, Black Cat’s Bone just to name a few all done with the group’s on Timeless Classics own arrangements and style.

This compilation is in support of the many acts that have performed on events associated with HousTone Records for nearly 25 years.

For more information on the Timeless Classics compilations series, and HousTone Records new artist submission policies please contact one of our A & R representatives.

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