The Many Faces Of Jazz, Timeless Classics Volume VIII

Press Release, New CD From Houstone Records:

New artists perform old favorites on The Many Faces Of Jazz,latest CD from HousTone Records set for May 12 release, Presale May 5, 2016

The Many Faces Of Jazz, Timeless Classics VOL. VIII, the new CD From Houstone Records; has 30 songs representing a wide range of Jazz styles highlighting the popularity of today’s Jazz music. Today the common classification of jazz is songs with 75/60% instrumental and 25/40% Vocals.

The Timeless Classics series takes on the most distinctly American genre of music in May with the highly anticipated release of The Many Faces of Jazz.

Like other releases in the series, this eighth collection from HousTone Records aims to connect listeners with up-and-coming artists they may not be aware of.

“It’s a whole new approach to finding music you like and didn’t know,” said HousTone general manager Sirron Kyles. “Music lovers have a variety of technology options on how they can enjoy and find new music today, but it’s never been harder to explore new jazz options.”

The Many Faces Of Jazz: Timeless Classics, Vol. VIII has 30 songs representing a wide range of jazz styles that highlight the popularity of today’s jazz music. New artists perform old favorites – and slip in a couple originals, as well.

The collection will release on May 12, but pre-orders begin on May 5. Ordering information can be found at

Jazz originated in New Orleans in the early 1900s and is characterized by strong, prominent meter; improvisation; distinctive tones; performance techniques; and dotted or syncopated rhythmic patterns. Purists will reject anything that doesn’t fit this description.

But in the past century, jazz has grown beyond its bayou origins. Many artists who have roots in jazz, usually through their school band, have gone on to become top rock, pop, and R & B stars whose jazz influences can be heard in the music they record. It works the other way, too — every style of music can be interpreted and performed as jazz.

Popular radio programs in the 1980s like “Quiet Storm,” “Smooth Jazz,” “All That Jazz” and others helped spread the appeal and re-branded jazz to reach a broader audience to change how jazz is perceived today. This undertaking continues with the release of The Many Faces Of Jazz: Timeless Classics, Vol. VIII.

Today, the common classification of jazz is songs with 60-75 percent instrumental and 25-40 percent vocals.

The CD has smooth jazz, down tempo jazz, rock jazz, vintage, Latin jazz, Afro-Cuban jazz, big band, jazz fusion, world beat jazz, classical jazz, ragtime, acid jazz, avant-garde, contemporary, Dixieland, gospel jazz and jazz rap. The Many Faces Of Jazz: Timeless Classics, Vol. VIII has something for all jazz music lovers to enjoy.

Timeless Classics Volume VIII The Many Faces Of Jazz


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# Title Song Duration Artist
1 Time After Time 03:39 Miles Davis
2 Wait 04:33 Lonnie Gordon
3 Conquistadores 06:40 Chico Hamilton
4 Playa Blanca 03:44 VA
5 It Ain’t Necessarily So {Porgy and Bess} 03:09 Aretha Franklin
6 Watermelon Man 06:31 Herbie Hancock
7 Yo Vivo Triste 03:02 Luis Casal
8 Silans 03:01 Kassav’
9 Cafe Regio’s 05:59 Isaac Hayes
10 Pablo 06:09 James Asher & Sivamani
11 The Weight 06:05 Cassandra Wilson
12 You Are The Sunshine Of My Life 02:44 Bobbi Humphrey
13 Eleanor Rigby 03:48 Freeway Philharmonic
14 The Look Of Love 04:06 Dorothy Ashby
15 Just The Two Of Us 07:16 Grover Washington Jr.
16 Mizrab 06:59 Gabor Szabo
17 Hometown Hero 04:20 J Ross Parrelli
18 Maiden Voyage 06:32 Mike Dawson
19 See See Rider 06:36 Jimmy Smith
20 Play A Song For Me 03:56 Ken Mondshine
21 Wet Nap 05:08 March Fourth Marching Band
22 Under The Moon And Over The Sky (Digitally Remastered) 05:44 Angela Bofill
23 Fiddler On The Roof 04:10 Noel Pointer
24 Summertime 06:52 Kitty Hayward
25 Amor Verdadero (Guajira-Son) 06:38 Afro Cuban All-Stars
26 Little Dove 06:30 The Rascals
27 Conga Habanera 03:57 Angélique Kidjo
28 Poinciana 04:36 Ahmad Jamal
29 So Nice (Summer Samba) 03:33 Bebel Gilberto
30 Chutney 03:06 Mandrill

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