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The decision to enter into a commitment with another person should never be taken lightly or made hastily. Easy to read, reread, and share with your partner, The Dos & Donts of a Committed Relationship is all about communication.

Each chapter explores one of 11 essential topics  including faith, politics, finances and sex  that can either strengthen or destroy a relationship, depending on how the couple handles and communicates about them. So that the dialogue doesnt end after the last chapter, the paperback edition includes the About Notes Partners Relationship Log, an opportunity for couples to put into practice some of the communication skills they learn from the book.

The book, and the log itself, are about strengthening and rejuvenating the caring relationship between partners, author Sirron V. Kyles said.  In relationships, partners often hesitate to discuss sensitive things face-to-face, and are unlikely to share anything about each other  and themselves, for that matter.

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